Supported and required hardware for using CaptureID

Operating system

Android 6 or higher
iOS 8 or higher

Smartphones & Tablets

All devices with aforementioned operating system and camera

Mobile Computer

Manufacturer Series
Zebra TC5X
Zebra TC7X
Zebra TC2X
Zebra ET5X
Zebra EC5X

RFID Reader

Manufacturer Series
Zebra RFD8500i
Zebra RFD8500

Label printer

Manufacturer Series
Sato MB200i
Sato PW208NX
Sato CL4NX
Sato CL4NX Plus
Sato CL6NX
Sato CL6NC Plus
Sato CT4-LX
Zebra ZQ600
Zebra ZQ200
Zebra ZT400
Zebra ZT600
Zebra ZD200
Zebra ZD400
Zebra ZD600
Zebra ZQ400
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