Terms Of Service

Our team helps you with all your questions regarding our CaptureID SDK. Besides the privacy policy, the following terms of service apply to the Support Center.

  1. General
    Our service is only for business customers, that have questions about our SDK or need further support with the app development.

1.1 Registration
It is necessary to register an account to use our support service. The registration and making use of this service is for free.

To register an account, it is required to give us the following information: Username, first and last name, e-mail. Further information is optional and not essential for the registration.

Your data will be saved on our website and is accessible for you and our support team only.

1.2 E-mails / Notifications
We will send you automated notifications via e-mail regarding your account and your support tickets. We will not use your e-mail address for marketing or advertising purposes.

1.3 Tickets
The dashboard shows your tickets and their current status. You can attach files (.pdf, .csv, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif) to your ticket with a max. file size of 5 MB.
Your ticket will be closed after your request was successfully solved or after 14 days of inactivity. We may delete or merge double tickets.

1.4 Your account
You can delete your account any time at https://www.captureid.de/account.

1.5 Subject to change
Our service is subject to change as a result of experience, new information and the availability of resources.

2. Confidentiality
You may not publicly release, disclose or duplicate any information you get from our support team.

3. Disclaimer of Warranties

We aim to give you the best support experience possible. Nevertheless, we cannot offer warranty for accuracy, reliability and completeness in the course of our ticket system.

4. Hyperlinks / Disclaimer

Contents of external websites on which we are linking direct or indirect are beyond our responsibility and are not adopted as our own content. When the links were published, we didn’t have knowledge of any illegal activities or contents on these websites. Since we do not have any control on the contents of these websites, we distance ourselves from all contents of all linked websites, which were updated after the setting of the links. For all contents and especially damages, resulting of the use of the linked websites, only the provider of these linked websites can be held liable. If we receive knowledge of illegal contents on these linked websites, we will delete the according links.

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