Hier findest du eine Auswahl an Apps, die von uns oder unseren Kunden mit CaptureID entwickelt wurden.

HMG Systems Engineering
Pharmacogenetics meets barcode reading

HMG Systems Engineering GmbH used CaptureID to develop the app “PGXperts® InteraktionsCheck”. It provides a fast and reliable system that supports medical professionals in the optimization of individual drug therapy, taking ongoing treatment and the patient’s genetics into account.

HMG Systems Engineering GmbH uses CaptureID library with Cortex Decoder Engine for their PGXperts® Platform.

In this context HMG has developed an innovative app with zero-miss barcode scanning. HMG needed speedy and reliable performance on 2D Datamatrix codes with high data volume and on German PZN Codes (Code 39).

„We were easily able to integrate the CaptureID plugin and the Cortex Decoder into our app. Thanks to the support of the P4IT team and the direct communication with the development team, all our requirements were realized in a speedy manner, and the barcode reading performance convinced us. “ – Carina Romo, Consultant of HMG Systems Engineering GmbH

The true enterprise-grade Cortex Decoder SDK and the CaptureID plugin integrate with any mobile device. Barcode reading is now available for more applications, innovating more industries than ever before. In fact, the decoder software facilitates easy, rapid barcode data capture from any angle and is designed to compensate for damaged barcodes and less than ideal environmental conditions. This guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction.

„Especially, we like the highly flexible license model,“ said Computer Scientist and CEO Herna Munoz-Galeano. „It enables us to react very dynamic to all requirements of our clients and allows for any easy planning process. Through the technical and commercial professionalism, we are truly convinced that we have chosen the right partner.“

With PGXperts, a personalized medication is not a science of the future but already an established reality in medical practice. PGXperts platform provides a fast, reliable and cost-efficient system which supports medical practitioners in the optimization of individual drug therapy for each high-risk patient, based on their genetics.

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