Classes and Types

					export enum EventType {
  SUCCESS = 0,
  NOTIFY = 1,
  FAILED = 2

EventType: used in the response to the client to determine the type of event expected.

					export enum PrinterLibraryActionType {
  NONE = 0,
  CONNECT = 8,
  PRINT = 10,
  STATUS = 11,

PrinterLibraryActionType: used to distinguish the response to certain requests.

  • None: general response from the library that does not belong to a specific request.
  • Initialize: the event belongs to the initialization process.
  • Bluetooth_Initialize: the event belongs to the bluetooth component of the device.
  • Bluetooth_enable: the event belongs to  the enable bluetooth request.
  • Bluetooth_disable: the event belongs to the disable bluetooth request.
  • Bluetooth_turned_on: this event is fired when the bluetooth adapter of the device is turned on. (not in response to the request form the app)
  • Bluetooth_turned_off: this event is fired when the bluetooth adapter of the device is turned off. (not in response to the request form the app)
  • Discover_start: response to the discover request.
  • Discover_Detect: a single bluetooth device is detected. (only printers are discovered)
  • Discover_Finish: discover process has finished and a list of discoverd devices is submitted. (only printers are discovered)
  • Connect: the event belongs to the connection process to a particular printer.
  • Disconnect: the event belongs to the disconnection process from a printer.
  • Print: the event belongs to the printing process.
  • Status: the event contains the response to a status request.
  • Configure: response to a printer configuration request.
					export enum PrinterStatusType {
    OK = 0,
    COVER_OPEN = 4,
    PAPER_OUT = 6,
    RESET = 7,
    ISONLINE = 8,
    PRINTER_OK = 10,
    ERROR = 11,
    NO_CONNECTION  = 12,
    PRINT_HALT = 15,
    NO_RESPONSE = 16,
    MEDIA_ERROR = 17,

PrinterStatusType: errors and notifications sent by the printer.

  • OK: all is ok. printer is ready to print.
  • OK_WAITING_TO_DISPENSE: the printer is in ok state but the label taken sensor detects a label in front of it. The label has to be removed before continue.
  • OK_STILL_PRINTING: the printer is in ok state but label printing process is not yet completed.
  • COVER_OPEN: the printer cover is open.
  • PAPER_OUT_BEFORE_PRINT: the printer is out of paper.
  • PAPER_OUT: the printer is out of paper.
  • RESET: the printer is in reset state.
  • ISONLINE: the printer is in online state.
  • BATTERY_NOT_OK: printers battery has been discharged or is damaged.
  • PRINTER_OK: printer is ready to print.
  • ERROR: an error has occurred.
  • NO_CONNECTION: no connection to the printer is established.
  • NOT_REGISTERED: the printer or bluetooth device registration failed.
  • COMMAND_FAILED: the printer does not recognize the specified command.
  • PRINT_HALT: on error has occurred and the printer has halted.
  • NO_REPONSE: no response from printer.
  • MEDIA_ERROR: printer reported a problem with the media.
  • STATUS_UNKNOWN: unspecified error has been received.

Not all messages are available on each printer.

					  export interface Device {
    address: string;
    name: string;
    bluetoothclass: number;
    type: number;
  export declare class Device implements Device {
    constructor(name: string, address: string, bluetoothclass: number, type: number);

Device Class fields and methods

  • address: the bluetoooth mac address of a particular printer.
  • name: the name of the printer (this is not the network hostname)
  • bluetoothclass: bluetooth classification number of the device
  • type: bluetooth type number of the device.
					export interface ResultClass {}

Base class for the result

					export class DeviceResult implements ResultClass {


DeviceResult class is currently not used.

					  export interface InitResult {
    permissions: string[];
  export declare class InitResult implements ResultClass, InitResult {
    constructor(permissions: string[]);

InitResult class fields and methods

  • permissions: contains a string list of permissions requested or required by the library. 
					export interface PrinterResult {
    statusmsg: string;
    status: PrinterStatusType;
  export declare class PrinterResult implements ResultClass, PrinterResult {
    constructor(status: PrinterStatusType, statusmsg: string);

PrinterResult class fields and methods

  • statusmsg: the printer status message.
  • status: the printer status type.
					  export interface BluetoothResult {
    adapteradress: string;
    adaptername: string;
    paireddevices?: Device[];
    connecteddevice?: Device;
    discovereddevices?: Device[];
    discovereddevice?: Device;

    setBondedDevices(devices: Device[]): void;
  export class BluetoothResult implements BluetoothResult {
    constructor(adapteraddress: string, adaptername: string) {
      this.adapteradress = adapteraddress;
      this.adaptername = adaptername;
    setBondedDevices(devices: Device[]) {
      this.paireddevices = devices;

BluetoothResult class fields and methods

  • adapteraddress: bluetooth mac address from the device.
  • adaptername: name of the device bluetooth adapter.
  • paireddevices(optional): list of bluetooth devices paired with the device bluetooth adapter.
  • connecteddevices(optional): list of bluetooth devices connected to the device bluetooth.
  • discovereddevices(optional): list of discovered bluetooth devices (DISCOVER_FINISH)
  • discovereddevice(optional): the currently detected device in the DEVICE_DETECTED response.
					export interface PrinterLibraryEvent {
    type: EventType;
    message: string;
    error: number;
    data?: ResultClass;
    action: PrinterLibraryActionType;
  export declare class PrinterLibraryEvent implements PrinterLibraryEvent {
    constructor(type: EventType, meaasge: string, error: number, data: ResultClass, action: PrinterLibraryActionType);

PrinterLibraryEvent class fileds and methods

  • type: one of the values form EventType enumeration.
  • message: additional message in human readable format.
  • error: errorcode.
  • data(optional): one of the above Result Classes depends on the type of request/response.
  • action: one of the values from the PrinterLibraryActionType enumeration.
					export enum CIDPrinterListenerTypes {
    PRINTER_LIBRARY = 'printerLibraryEvent'


enumeration that can be used in the eventlistener registration process in the Capacitor app.

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